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Pollution Insurance

One of the most common exclusions to a general liability policy is Pollution. The standard ISO policy contains an absolute pollution liability exclusion. Contractors and Painters will also Lead Paint and Asbestos exclusions.

Pollution contamination and clean up costs can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most businesses have a pollution exposure and don't realize. Worse than that are the businesses that have a pollution exposure and don't insure it.

For some businesses the need for pollution coverage is painfully obvious. Gas Stations, recyclers, remediation contractors, dry cleaners, property owners, are just a few.

Follow the links below to see if your business might need to purchase a pollution liability insurance policy:

  • Contractors - not just remediation contractors.
  • Property Owners
  • Auto - Transporting Chemicals, Paints, Auto Fluids etc...
  • Gas Stations
  • Petroleum Haulers
  • Dry Cleaners with Plant on Premises
  • Electroplating Operations
  • Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers